YouTube ReVanced APK v18.40.34 Mod APK

Title: YouTube ReVanced APK: An Enhanced YouTube Experience on Mobile and Tablet


YouTube ReVanced is a popular MOD version of the YouTube application that offers enhanced features and functionality for users. Developed by a dedicated team, it aims to overcome some of the limitations and inconveniences of the original YouTube app. With features like background playback, ad-blocking, screen customization, and more, YouTube ReVanced offers a superior viewing experience for users on mobile devices and tablets.

1. The Difference Between ReVanced and Vanced:

While there are similarities between YouTube ReVanced and YouTube Vanced, they are developed by different teams and are independent applications. ReVanced is still actively developed and updated, while Vanced has been discontinued. However, both applications offer similar features and are highly regarded by users.

2. Enhanced Features of YouTube ReVanced:

a. Background Playback: One of the standout features of YouTube ReVanced is its ability to play videos in the background. This allows users to multitask and continue watching videos while performing other tasks on their device.

b. Ad Blocking: YouTube ReVanced blocks ads, providing an uninterrupted viewing experience for users. This is particularly beneficial for users who frequently watch YouTube content and want to avoid interruptions from ads.

c. Screen Customization: Unlike the original YouTube app, YouTube ReVanced allows users to customize their screen size and force resolutions. Users can zoom in or out using pinch gestures and enjoy videos at their best quality, even with unstable internet connections.

d. Additional Features: YouTube ReVanced offers several smaller but useful features, including customizable themes (White, Black, and Dark), adjusting brightness and volume with finger sliding, and even a Loop feature for continuous video playback.

3. How to Install YouTube ReVanced on your Phone:

To install YouTube ReVanced, users need to install Vanced MicroG first, followed by YouTube ReVanced. This enables the smooth functioning of the app and ensures all features are available for use.


YouTube ReVanced APK offers a compelling alternative to the original YouTube app, providing users with enhanced features and functionality. With the ability to play videos in the background, block ads, customize screen size, force resolutions, and more, YouTube ReVanced promises an improved YouTube experience on mobile devices and tablets. Download and try out YouTube ReVanced to enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted YouTube viewing experience with additional features designed to enhance your video streaming pleasure.

YouTube ReVanced APK v18.40.34 Mod (Premium Unlocked) (Work 100%)

YouTube ReVanced APK v18.40.34 Screenshot

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YouTube ReVanced APK v18.40.34 Mod Pro apk Important Informations

– YouTube ReVanced is a MOD version of YouTube that addresses some of the shortcomings of the original platform.
– It allows users to watch YouTube videos while doing other tasks on their mobile or tablet.
– The app blocks ads, providing a more uninterrupted viewing experience.
– Users can customize the screen size and force resolution, even up to 4K.
– YouTube ReVanced offers additional features such as background playback and themes.
– To install YouTube ReVanced, users need to install Vanced MicroG first.
– The app is available for free and is considered safe, with no malware or malicious ads.

YouTube ReVanced APK v18.40.34 MOD APK Premium Unlocked for Android [Free Purchase]