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Woodoku APK v3.20.01 – Train Your Brain with this Addictive Puzzle Game

If you’re a fan of Sudoku and Tetris, then Woodoku is the game for you. This unique puzzle game combines the logic and problem-solving skills of Sudoku with the block-dropping action of Tetris, creating a challenging and addictive gaming experience.

The game is set on a 9×9 grid, with some squares already filled in and others left empty. Your task is to drag and rotate wooden blocks at the bottom of the screen to fill in the empty squares and clear the grid. If you manage to fill all the squares and clear the grid, you win and move on to the next level. But be careful, if you let the grid fill up without clearing it, you’ll lose.

Woodoku is not only a fun and addictive game, but it’s also a great way to train your brain. By combining the gameplay of Sudoku and Tetris, Woodoku challenges your observation skills, logical reasoning, and memory. After each level, the game even scores your IQ and tells you what level you’re at, giving you a sense of achievement and progress as you play.

One of the best things about Woodoku is that it offers customizable themes, allowing you to play with different designs and goals. With hundreds of new levels added every week, the game promises hours of entertaining and challenging gameplay.

With its small file size and offline play option, Woodoku is perfect for playing on the go or during a break. And with no limit on the number of levels, you can enjoy hours of addictive puzzle-solving without getting bored.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game that will also help you train your brain, look no further than Woodoku. Download the APK for free and start playing today!

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Woodokuv3.19.01APK Game Mod APK (Unlimited money) Important Informations

– Woodoku is a block puzzle game with unique wooden block graphics
– It combines elements of Sudoku and Tetris, making it a great brain training game
– The game is designed to train observation skills, logical reasoning, and measure IQ
– Players can play with themed levels and collect gems and prizes
– The game has a small capacity and can be played offline at any time
– Woodoku has no limit on the number of levels, providing hours of entertainment without getting bored.

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