Neutron Music Player v2.22.7 (Paid) (Google Play) (Armeabi-v7a) Mod APK

Neutron Music Player is an advanced music player that offers a unique and high-quality audio experience. With its audiophile-grade platform-independent in-house developed 32/64-bit audio engine, it stands out from other music players in the market. This paid app is available on Google Play and is compatible with devices running Android 2.3 and up.

One of the standout features of Neutron Music Player is its ability to output hi-res audio directly to the internal DAC, including USB DAC, offering superior sound quality. It also provides a range of DSP effects to enhance the audio experience. Additionally, it is the only application capable of sending audio data to network renderers with all DSP effects applied, ensuring gapless playback.

The app also supports PCM to DSD real-time oversampling mode, allowing users to play their favorite music in DSD resolution, if supported by their DAC. It supports various audio formats, including native DSD, multi-channel native DSD, and module music formats. It also supports playlists, lyrics, and streaming audio from internet radio streams.

Neutron Music Player has a sophisticated user interface with advanced media library functionality, making it a favorite among audiophiles and music lovers worldwide. It supports large media libraries and offers several network music sources, including SMB/CIFS network devices, UPnP/DLNA media servers, SFTP servers, FTP servers, and WebDAV servers.

With Neutron Music Player, you can also enjoy your music on external devices. It supports output to Chromecast, UPnP/DLNA Media Renderer, and USB DAC. It also offers various DSP effects, such as parametric equalizer, graphic EQ mode, frequency response correction, surround sound, crossfeed, compressor/limiter, time delay, dithering, pitch tempo, and phase inversion.

Other notable features of Neutron Music Player include speaker overload protecting filters, normalization by peak RMS, tempo/BPM analysis and categorization, replay gain from metadata, gapless playback, crossfade, and high-quality real-time optional resampling. It also provides real-time spectrum waveform RMS analyzers, balance control, mono mode, and various playback modes.

The app offers extensive media library management features, including playlist management, groupings by album artist, composer, genre, and year. It also supports tag editing for various file formats.

Neutron Music Player provides an unmatched audio experience with its advanced features and capabilities. It is a must-have app for music enthusiasts looking for superior sound quality and a rich set of audio customization options. Try the eval version before purchasing to experience the app’s full potential.

To download Neutron Music Player, visit the Google Play Store and search for “Neutron Music Player.” Alternatively, you can visit the official website and download the APK file directly. Note that this is a paid version of the app.

For more information and updates on Neutron Music Player, you can subscribe to Neutron Music Player Updates or follow the official Neutron Music Player Twitter account.

Neutron Music Player v2.22.7 (Paid) (Google Play) (Armeabi-v7a) Mod (Premium Unlocked) (Work 100%)

Neutron Music Player v2.22.7 (Paid) (Google Play) (Armeabi-v7a) Screenshot

Neutron Music Player 2.22.7 (Paid) (Google Play) (Armeabi-v7a)

Neutron Music Player v2.22.7 (Paid) (Google Play) (Armeabi-v7a) Mod Pro apk Important Informations

– Neutron Music Player v2.22.7 is a paid music player app available on Google Play.
– It has been downloaded 3592 times.
– The app requires Android 2.3 and up, and Lucky Patcher or Google Play Modded.
– The app has a size of 19.2 MB.
– It is categorized under Music & Audio.
– The developer of the app is Neutron Code Limited.
– The app has a unique platform-independent 32/64-bit audio engine.
– It supports hi-res audio and offers a rich set of DSP effects.
– Neutron Music Player can send audio data to network renderers with all DSP effects applied.
– It features a PCM to DSD real-time oversampling mode for playing music in DSD resolution.
– The app supports a wide range of audio formats, including native DSD formats.
– It supports playlists, lyrics, and streaming audio from internet radio streams.
– Neutron Music Player can also connect to network music sources like SMB/CIFS, UPnP/DLNA, SFTP, FTP, and WebDAV servers.
– It offers various DSP effects like parametric equalizer, surround sound, crossfeed, and more.
– The app supports gapless playback, hardware and preamp volume controls, and crossfade.
– It has features like playlist management, media library grouping, and tag editing.
– Neutron Music Player is compatible with Android Auto.
– The app has been updated to version 2.22.7, with no changes made to the original paid apk.
– The update includes a new DSP UI widget mode and bug fixes.
– Neutron Music Player has no advertisements.

Neutron Music Player v2.22.7 (Paid) (Google Play) (Armeabi-v7a) MOD APK Premium Unlocked for Android [Free Purchase]