Battery Guru APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v2.1.8.3 Mod APK

Battery Guru is a powerful application that helps you monitor and manage your phone’s battery. With its smart battery monitoring and saving features, Battery Guru provides useful information and recommendations to increase battery life and preserve battery health.

One of the key features of Battery Guru is its ability to display battery usage information in a simple and easy-to-understand format. You can view important parameters such as battery capacity, current, temperature, and more. This allows you to have a better understanding of your battery’s condition and take appropriate measures to protect it.

Battery Guru also provides recommendations to help you extend your battery life. As batteries have a limited lifespan, it’s important to minimize wear and tear and avoid unnecessary charging. This app guides you on how to calibrate your battery, control battery charge, and optimize charging duration. It also gives temperature warnings and suggests usage plans to maximize battery performance.

The application offers insights into app battery consumption, allowing you to identify power-hungry apps and make informed decisions about which apps to limit or continue using. It provides alerts and reminders for high temperatures, reaching charging limits, and abnormal battery levels. This enables you to take timely action and prevent sudden battery drain situations.

Battery Guru also features a Doze customization option that helps your device consume as little power as possible when the screen is off. This is similar to the Sleep mode on mobile devices and can further enhance battery life.

The MOD version of Battery Guru offers premium unlocked features, allowing you to access all the advanced functionalities without any limitations.

In conclusion, Battery Guru is a comprehensive battery management tool that not only provides vital battery information but also helps you take care of your battery health and optimize battery performance. With its smart monitoring, recommendations, and alerts, Battery Guru ensures that you can make the most of your device’s battery and avoid unexpected power issues. So, download Battery Guru APK and enjoy its benefits today!

Battery Guru APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v2.1.8.3 Mod (Premium Unlocked) (Work 100%)

Battery Guru APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v2.1.8.3 Screenshot

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Battery Guru APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v2.1.8.3 Mod Pro apk Important Informations

– Battery Guru is a mobile app in the Utilities category
– The app size is 14 MB
– The current version of Battery Guru is
– The publisher of the app is Paget96
– The app requires Android 6.0 or higher
– Battery Guru can be used offline
– The app is available for free download
– Battery Guru is a safe app, tested and guaranteed by APKMODY
– The app is an official file from Google Play
– There are no malware or malicious ads in Battery Guru
– Battery Guru helps monitor and manage phone’s battery
– The app provides suggestions to save battery on mobile
– The app displays battery usage information in a simple bulletin board style
– Battery Guru makes recommendations to increase battery life and preserve battery life
– The app helps calibrate battery and gives battery charge control tips
– Battery Guru provides charging notifications and temperature warnings
– The app suggests usage plans, duration, and charging methods for optimal battery life
– Battery Guru helps prevent sudden battery drain situations
– The app gives alerts for high temperature, charging limit, and abnormal battery usage levels
– Battery Guru offers Doze customization feature to save even more battery power
– The MOD version of Battery Guru has premium unlocked features.

Battery Guru APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v2.1.8.3 MOD APK Premium Unlocked for Android [Free Purchase]